Welcome to GypsyRebel!

Here you will find an ever-changing variety of accessories and jewelry available or designed for both men and women.

At GypsyRebel, I have designs that will appeal to every taste. Whether that be classic and stylish, bold and unique or biker and punk. While I have a large selection, a lot of what you will find here will be handmade, sometimes one-of-a-kind items with limited quantity. My selections will include brand new, handmade(from both new and recycled components), and even unique and rare vintage pieces.

Please feel free to browse all departments, you’ll never know what great find you might come across! GypsyRebel can also be found onsite in Northern Illinois and surrounding areas at indoor/outdoor events such as motorcycle runs, craft shows, fairs, concerts, benefits, swap meets and car and bike shows. Please follow me on Facebook or check back at gypsyrebelllc.com regularly for event updates and new products!

Questions, feedback, custom orders or vendor invites are always welcome!

Sincerely, GypsyRebel